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About Us

Family-owned and operated since 1936, Kearns Farm is located in the hills of Sandy Hook, Connecticut and in between the Upper and Lower Paugussett State Forest.

John and Florence Kearns, purchased the Bennetts Bridge property in 1936 when they and their children began to farm the land. A dairy barn was built a few years later, that held up to 60 cows in stanchions on the ground floor, and a wooden-beam hayloft above. The Kearns family, when milking, sold their milk to the local Hood Company that distributed its best to the Sandy Hook/Newtown Community and surrounding towns. 


The original farmhouse still stands today. With two farm houses now in place at the top of Osborne Hill Road, owned by Ed Kearns and the Kearns Family, and a retired dairy barn on Bennetts Bridge Road, the beautiful property still continues to farm. 


Having maintained this One Hundred and Thirteen Acre farm in the midts of the growing society around them, the Kearns have provided their family, friends, and community with the absolute beauty of open fields and farm land. The farm is now known to five generations. 

Farm History

The Now

While landowner, Ed Kearns and wife, Lucille, continue to farm the beautiful property on Bennetts Bridge Road, another generation has grown to expand the family name, raising pastured beef on the other side of town. Daniel, a forth generation Kearns, and his family, expanded to Sugar Lane in Newtown in 2015.


Having had a love for farming and wanting to share this with the community, the Kearns family began raising Herefords on the hillside of Castle Hill Farm in Newtown. In high demand for this delicious beef, their herd continues to grow by number year in. For future plans, Kearns Farm is looking to expand their pasture beef and offer an assortment of meat turkey, chicken, and eggs.  Please visit our Farm Stand at 25 Sugar Lane in Newtown for farm fresh vegetables and produce May-October.

Our pampered beef cows are given a 5 acre+ hillside of pasture to graze and receive second cutting hay for a treat in the snowy winter. 

 Bennetts Bridge Road. Sandy Hook, CT 06482                           

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